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ABM_1426349721~2Welcome to Lemon Lab Essentials!

I started in this world of Young Living Essential Oils in November of 2013.  I kept seeing old high school friends posting on Facebook about oils and oils and oils. It was Thieves that first caught my eye, but I am a diy girl at heart, so I figured out the main ingredients and went to Whole Foods with plans to make my OWN version of Thieves. I mean, did I really need to pay that much for such a little bottle when I could do it on my own for a lot less?

In the meantime, I had been added to an awesome private Facebook called the Lemon Drop Lounge where there were thousands of people using and loving oils. The more I read, the more I became intrigued. I knew for sure that I wanted to mix my own Thieves-like blend with olive oil and put it on my sons’ feet at bedtime, because I read how this had helped family after family stay healthy through sick season.

So, after pining over whether to use NOW, Wyndmere, or Aura Cacia, I bought Aura Cacia oils and went home to get my groove on.  I went about my merry diy way mixing the oils together with visions of healthy kids in my head, only to find that Sam, my most patient and even-keeled 6 year old, BLEW A GASKET when he smelled my concoction. “GET OUT OF HERE!!! GET THAT STUFF OUT OF HERE!!! I CAN’T STAND IT!!! MOM, YOU CAN’T COME IN HERE TO EAT SUPPER WITH US!!!” Of course I had put some on myself in the meantime.

Now what was I supposed to do? I had invested, you know, like $43 at Whole Foods on these oils for the promise of health, and my kid was screaming at the top of his lungs.

Well, I did what all good moms do; I waited until he was sleeping that night to put my blend on his feet.

But the more I read, the more I came to understand that not all oils are created equally, that a lot more goes into getting quality oils into little bottles than I had ever considered. And darn it, I had been dealing with persistent sore throats, and I wanted to put some of this miracle Thieves stuff in my cheek to see if it would work.

So although I have a diy and thrift store soul, I did more research on the premium starter kit from Young Living and decided to go all in.

And I’m so incredibly glad I did.

I quickly realized that I loved, loved using essential oils for myself and for my family. My husband teased me about hoarding them or about monitoring *his* use of them (“No, no, no, no!!! That’s TOO many drops!! That’s FRANKINCENSE!!! Do you know how expensive that is???” I’ve since eased up!)

And then friends and family started asking about them, and I’d put their oily wish lists on my order. I figured out that I really loved helping other people get to know these oils, and in late February/early March 2014, I asked Becky, who I had ordered oils from, what it would take to head into the business side of Young Living.

You have to understand, *have to understand* that I absolutely cannot stand the thought of selling oils!!! I am not a natural salesperson, I don’t like things that aren’t sincere, and I generally don’t want to push anything on anyone. When I worked in retail in high school and college, I never wanted to suggest socks or belts or anything like that when people came to pay, because I was pretty sure that they had found everything they wanted. If they wanted to pick out some earrings, they would have done it already.

That’s how much I love these oils and believe in them. I would be incredibly embarrassed to suggest oils to friends and family if they didn’t work, if they didn’t have an impact on our lives. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. And I sleep well at night. Even better with the help of cedarwood 😉

I was fortunate enough to have joined Young Living via Becky because she was part of a team of Young Living members called the Lemon Droppers, and even though you may not have heard of the Lemon Droppers, the team is kinda well known in YL territory! Being a Lemon Dropper has afforded me all kinds of support, education, and connection that I wouldn’t have if I had just stuck with my stinkier than stinky diy blend of Thieves-like-stuff.

I have now been an oil sharer (my term!) for three years. I have built a team with my sister and close colleague, Robin, that is based on education, helping other people, and fun. I traveled to Chicago in 2014, Nashville in  2015, and Salt Lake City in 2016 to learn more about these oils, and looking back, I am pretty thankful that Sam had such a strong reaction to my diy blend, because I might not be here if it had smelled better 🙂

Never hesitate to ask about the oils. They have been game changers for our family!  Michelle


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