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When I wrote to my friend Becky in March of 2014 to say that I might be a tiny bit interested in the business side of Young Living, I had absolutely NO room on my plate. I was spread too thin. In fact, I had just said those words to my therapist one week prior. I was midway through my 16th year of teaching 7th grade English, in my first year as an English Language Arts Lead Teacher for my school district (on top of full time teaching), my husband was working lots of nights and weekends as a PR and marketing photographer for a local college, and I was wading through an intense bout of postpartum depression and anxiety after 89 days of strict bedrest (me) and a 20 day NICU stay (my second son.) I was coming unraveled, which is WHY I was at the therapist in the first place. We were also living the intensity of my step-daughter’s mental health needs and working to get her the support she needed.

I really, most truly couldn’t handle One. More. Thing.

Four months earlier, after hours of scanning what was then the Lemon Drop Lounge, I was intrigued by the stories of how essential oils were changing people’s lives. I had a masterplan to rid my household of sore throats and colds, but there was a problem. I’m cheap, and I’m a DIY kind of gal. I was stubborn enough to go to Whole Foods and buy the single oils that made up Thieves and make my own until I realized that my plan had failed. It stunk to high heaven. Tail between my legs, I wrote to Becky, ordered a kit, quickly devised ways to get more diffusers in our house, and immersed myself into the culture of the Lemon Drop Lounge with other moms and ladies who were trying to figure out this healthy living thing.

Researching oils, making wish lists, and explaining what the oils were to friends and family who smelled me started filling my evenings, and it gave me a place to be ME!! After so much focus on everyone else (for good reason) I needed a personal outlet. I have never and will never be an evangelical soul…each to his or her own…but I come pretty close when it comes to Young Living & their oils and products.

Please understand, I am not someone to jump on the train of what’s happening now. I didn’t sell bags. I’ve never sold fingernail wraps. I did sell rocks to the people on my block when I was 7. But I believe in Young Living, I never fail to be amazed at their integrity and passion and compassion whenever I hear people from corporate speak or when I read their blog, and I am so grateful I took this opportunity.

And the team I’m a part of?  The camaraderie? Hands down the best group of people you could be a part of. We help each other, we motivate each other, and yes, we even do meet up in real life!! I’ve been through a lot of professional development as a public school teacher, and I have a phenomenal group of colleagues, AND my oily team and the work we do fills me up just as much (well…probably even more) as teaching. I mean, people who are interested in oils typically have fully developed frontal lobes…not so much with adolescents 🙂

This month marks my 3 year tenure of doing the oily biz. I have been part time due to teaching full time and momming during those other bits of the day. I work my butt off, though, when I can, and I pay for my monthly oils and then some. I am so thankful to have the team I do, to be able to work with my sister, Lisa, on this, and to have no pressure to move faster or do more than I can—only support and inspiration to shoot for the dreams I have for myself.

I love this gig; it sure beats selling rocks. 🙂

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